CSA Details – London & Aylmer

For Prices and Registration London click here London Triple Cord CSA Summer 2015

For Prices and Registration, Aylmer, information will soon be available.

Pick Up Day in the Garage

This London’s 7th Organic Triple Cord Summer Community Shared Agriculture Season begins May 28th, 2015, Aylmer’s 8th Summer CSA starts in May with date to be announced, for 20 weeks of fresh local certified organic produce at a very affordable price.

Sign up now as shares go fast. Pick-Up Day is Every Thursday between 4pm and 6pm  in London. Secure your share with a Post-dated cheque, or Money Order for May 28th, the first pick-up day.  A convenient plan is available to those who choose that option.

The Spring and Summer Gardens always bring amazing fresh flavours and a bounty of good things  from the open warm earth and covered hoop-houses, full of vitality and nutrition, all healthy, Certified Organic, and Local.  Feel free to tell your friends, and give this link to them to use as well.

Post Dated Cheques and Money Orders made out to Triple Cord CSA are accepted and mailed to the administration office (in Hamilton admin address) to enjoy the bounty of the up and coming season.

Yummy Veggies
Yummy Veggies

Enjoy all the benefits and rewards of fresh local organic eating. Mother nature while changing seasons, keeps providing us with fresh local crops and tender, tasty produce, all certified organic.


Get Ready for a Fall to Enjoy!  L.L

Ontario CSA Farm Directory

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